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Zero-Sensitivity Teeth Whitening Kit

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Zero sensitivity whitening

Tired of yellow teeth, but don't want to give up your bad habits (coffee, wine, soda, smoking, etc.)? Neither do we; that's why we created an at-home teeth whitening kit that produces incredible results.


Your easy 15-minute routine

Start with a daily session for a week, then simply maintain the shine with a weekly sesh

See how it works


Brush teeth


Apply Gel


Insert mouth piece. Whiten for 15 minutes


Rinse mouth and mouthpiece

The Science Behind Our Zero Sensitivity Teeth Whitening Kit

Start with a daily session for a week, then simply maintain the shine with a weekly sesh


Whitening Gel is Applied

A drop of the zero-sensitivity whitening gel is painted onto the surface of each tooth. The gel's unique formula is designed to deeply whiten your teeth without the sensitivity commonly caused by other products.


LED Light Activates Gel

The LED device activates the gel by lightly warming it. This triggers its gentle whitening action. 32 lights on the device expose more teeth to LED energy, resulting in a more uniform whitening compared to other leading brands.


Stains Are Removed

The activated gel releases tiny oxygen bubbles. These bubbles gently seep into the enamel and dentin to lift stains and reverse stubborn discoloration inside the teeth. The result is noticeably whiter teeth without any sensitivity.

You’re covered by our triple guarantee

Try it risk-free: if ever you are not entirely satisfied, feel any sensitivity or don't obtain at least 3 shades whiter after using the full kit, simply return it for a 100% refund. We also provide a lifetime warranty on the mouthpiece in case of any defect or damage.


Our 100% Money-Back Whiter Smile Promise

We’re confident that you’re going to achieve amazing results with our teeth whitening kit! As long as you use the kit as-directed once or twice per day, we guarantee your teeth will be at least three shades whiter by the time you’ve used up the whitening pens.

If you don’t achieve these results, are unsatisfied or feel any sensitivity, we promise to refund your purchase. Simply call us at (844) 941-0004 or email us to make your request within 60 days of your purchase.

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