Our Story

journey to a healthier smile

In the beginning

Our founders Cameron and Chelsea Chappell set out to do something different in the world of teeth whitening. Their goal was to create a product that produced bright, white smiles while minimizing sensitivity, a symptom common to teeth whitening.

After Chelsea got her adult braces removed, she knew the next step toward her dream smile was a whiter smile. But her overall experience with at-home teeth whitening kits wasn’t ideal. She tried kits from dental professionals and a number of companies online, but each time she didn’t have much success – she would either not see a difference in whiteness, or experience extreme sensitivity to the point that she couldn’t eat certain foods.

After seeing his wife’s frustrations, Cameron decided to take action. With a military and business background, he set out to create a quality product that lived up to the false promises of the whitening kits Chelsea had tried.

What happened next

Cameron dove headfirst into research. He familiarized himself with the methods currently on the market, ingredients used, and the science behind each mixture. After extensive research, development, and testing with friends and family, while working with industry professionals, Cameron and Chelsea finally created a teeth whitening system they were proud to have their loved ones use, one that showed real results without pain or worry.

The finished product

Meet the Teeth Whitening Kit. An unparalleled, professional-grade at-home whitening kit that features the newest generation of LED mouthpieces – with twice the amount of LED lighting as others on the market and a brush-on pen that evenly distributes Diamond Beauty Company’s exclusive whitening gel. The Teeth Whitening Kit provides incredible results while eliminating the negatives of traditional teeth whitening systems.

A message from Cameron

Thank you so much for considering the Diamond Beauty Company to help achieve your perfect smile! We’ve put a lot of hard work and care into developing an unparalleled at-home teeth whitening experience, and are certain you’ll be happy with the results.

Having spent many years in the military, I’ve learned that integrity, trust, and results are invaluable in life. To build upon what I’ve learned, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on our products. We also donate 10% of our profits to a charity that aids in stopping human trafficking, a cause that we’re very passionate about.