Diamond Beauty Team

Our Story


After my wife completed her adult braces journey and wanted to polish her new smile off, she tried an orthodontist teeth whitening kit and had significant teeth sensitivity. So she had to stop the treatment .


I knew there had to be better options for those with sensitivity issues. But unfortunately, no product provided a balance of dental quality results with no sensitivity  issue.


So, that's why we created Diamond Beauty Company 

to give people with teeth sensitivity a product that will give them the smile they like without the pain . After a lot of research and consulting with my dentist friends, we found the lead manufacturer of teeth whitening kits and worked to create a product that met our intent. After some initial product iteration, we’re pretty happy about the result .


We now have more than 500+ happy customers and had very few returns in the last few years. Try it for yourself. I'm so confident about the quality of our product that we'll give you a 100% refund if it's not a fit, no question asked .


Cameron Chappell - Founder