Teeth Whitening Pen

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Zero Sensitivity
Whitening Pen

  • Dentist-grade results
  • Zero-sensitivity
  • Safe ingredients
  • Enamel Friendly

Teeth Whitening Pen

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Remove stains wherever you go with our zero-sensitivity formula.

Enamel-friendly ingredients provide dentist-grade results, with 99.3% of our customers reporting no sensitivity after use.

Teeth Whitening Pen

Enamel Friendly

Our formula contains no irritants or harmful ingredients.

Zero-Sensitivity Teeth Whitening

Zero sensitivity

99.3% of our customers report no sensitivity after use.

3-5 shades of whiter teeth guaranteed

Dentist-grade results

3-5 shades of whiter teeth guaranteed

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on the go

Portable and easy to use wherever you go.

The #1 Whitening Pen for Sensitive Teeth

Lift stains (coffee, wine, soda, smoking, etc.) and reverse stubborn discoloration in minutes.

An effective yet gentle formula, with users reporting zero sensitivity 99.3% of the time.

  • Whiter teeth in minutes
  • 10 treatments per pen
  • 99.3% report zero sensitivity

Whitening Kit for Sensitive Teeth

No Teeth Irritant or harmful ingredients

Our gel doesn't contain the typical irritants causing sensitive teeth.

As a result, you'll get dentist-grade results without the sensitive feeling.

Teeth Whitening Pen

Zero Sensitivity Whitening Pen 3 shades whiter and no sensitivity or get 100% refund

Regular price $12
Regular price $12 Sale
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Join hundreds of people that are getting the smile they always wanted without any teeth sensitivity

Teeth Whitening Before & After Result
Teeth Whitening Before & After Result

In 2022, we helped 500+ people get the smile they like without any pain or sensitivity


Is teeth whitening safe for everyone?

Absolutely, as long as you follow the directions correctly, whitening your teeth is safe for everyone.

Moreover, did you know that having a whiter smile gives you a 58% greater chance of being hired for your dream job. And makes you 53% more likely to earn a generous salary.(1)

If you have concerns, ask your physician or dentist.

How does teeth whitening work?

When activated by blue light, our FDA-approved gel releases tiny oxygen bubbles that gently seep into the enamel and dentin to lift stains (coffee, wine, soda, smoking, etc.) and reverse stubborn discoloration inside the teeth.

BLUE lights also increase mineral absorption, and lift plaque. Moreover, our double 32-LED mouthpiece speeds up the whitening process by helping the peroxide form free radicals and break down stains faster and uniformly.

How long does the whitening last?

Teeth whitening is not permanent and requires maintenance. Teeth whitening can last months with proper maintenance. Those who avoid staining foods (coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc.) and substances will have longer lasting results.

What ingredients are you using?

The main ingredient used in our teeth whitening kit is carbamide peroxide. Other ingredients include glycerol , propylene glycol , deionized water , carboxymethyl , poly vinylpyrrolidone, sodium hydroxide and menthol.

Will this product affect my other dentalwork braces, crowns, caps, etc)?

No, it will not affect previously done dental work. It is not recommended to use teeth whitening kits while wearing braces to avoid uneven tooth color where the braces are placed. Keep in mind, teeth whitening will not whiten veneers, caps, crowns or dental restorations.

Will I feel sensitivity from whitening?

With our product there is little to no sensitivity. We provide the desensitizing gel to apply before you whiten if you are prone to tooth sensitivity. If you experience sensitivity, stop using for 1-3 days.