The Science Behind Our Zero Sensitivity Teeth Whitening Kit

Start with a daily session for a week, then simply maintain the shine with a weekly sesh


Whitening Gel is Applied

A drop of the zero-sensitivity whitening gel is painted onto the surface of each tooth. The gel's unique formula is designed to deeply whiten your teeth without the sensitivity commonly caused by other products.


LED Light Activates Gel

The LED device activates the gel by lightly warming it. This triggers its gentle whitening action. 32 lights on the device expose more teeth to LED energy, resulting in a more uniform whitening compared to other leading brands.


Stains Are Removed

The activated gel releases tiny oxygen bubbles. These bubbles gently seep into the enamel and dentin to lift stains and reverse stubborn discoloration inside the teeth. The result is noticeably whiter teeth without any sensitivity.

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